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We at Panel viewpoint ensures quality inputs for your research through our online panel across the globe.

At Panel Viewpoint, we have an experienced team of project and panel management who can help you manage your end to end project management while you are focusing on outcome of your research objective.

We also understand the dynamics of this industry who demands faster resuts with quality and ensure both of them within stipulated time. We have one of the most engaging and top quality panel which is larglely segregated in 3 groups: B2B, Healthcare and Consumer

Experience that Matters
  • Research, Survey programming, Data Collection, and undertaking supervisory group speaking to Top 10 research and statistical Market Research firms.
  • Our particular team originates from the greatest and most regarded statistical surveying and Market Research firms.
  • Panel ViewPoint analysts, venture supervisors, and board masters have been liable for many studies finishes for reads customized and facilitated for big organizations significant colleges and numerous other of all shapes and sizes organizations.

Our Uniue Features

Adaptable Tools

Whether or not you have to run an online investigation, a flexible survey with full-included phones, PDA, tablets, phone select to an online web study, IVR(intuitive voice response), or direct standard phone talk with, Panel ViewPoint has the experience and ability to understand and nimbly you with your picked procedure. Our association's particular limits will be used by our incredibly experienced scientists, adventure the board staff, board specialists, and programming experts. As bright associates to our clients, we are centered around your flourishing.

Project Management
Data Analysis


Our persistent data reporting system licenses us to make and present ongoing complex custom order counts, stunned flags, infers, mode, center, standard deviation, complex weighting. Our clients acknowledge continuous critical reports joining dashboards with consistent graphs and diagrams. We give you a mystery word guaranteed to uncover mechanical assembly, which shows continuous results, including mien and sum reports, graphs, and diagrams in Html, Excel, and printed plan. Ceaseless data is given in SPSS, ASCII, comma-delimited, twofold, CSV, and Excel. Furthermore, to polish it off, our specifying structure doesn't cost you a dime. Stop sitting around and let our automated limits update your following reports.

High Touch

A partner reliably is open to you, your gathering, and your endeavor. While we give our clients the sole reason for contact all through your endeavor and after, we don't stop there. Our submitted, cross-utilitarian, customer-driven gatherings give you a complete resource course of action. Our researchers, adventure directors, board geniuses, and engineers give adventure understanding, helpful and capable information, desires, and advancing examination inclination that is unmatched in the business. We try to be the best.

High Touch in Project
Clear understanding of Research Project

Clarity, Class & Flawlessness

Acknowledgment for lucidity and ease. We acknowledge that life is adequately frustrated; that is the explanation we endeavor to improve advancing and business. Along these lines, we rationally explain all the nuances and irregular information, to the people who at first meet certifiable displaying.

All that we do, we do with taste. Our calculations are accurate. APC program or estimation is lovely if it uses a limited amount of code for an unprecedented effect. Concerning promoting, an answer may be seen as plentiful if it uses a non-clear technique to convey an answer which is significantly fruitful and essential.

Whatever the level of multifaceted nature of your work requirements, we can complete the duty. Our abilities consolidate stunning parts, present-day skip structures, system upheavals, sophisticated assurance strategies, channeling, back referencing, video holding and presentation, Flash and CBC, ACA, and Max/Diff Sawtooth Conjoint.

We Have 15+ Years of Experience. Always the Best Guidance.
We are here because we are hell bent on taking your business to the next level.

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